Prototype Sand Casting

Durable, Reliable Molds

Sanding casting is an inexpensive option for prototyping needs. We use precision methods and high-quality sand castings to deliver excellent molds. This method also allows for larger casting options, making sand casting the choice for many industries.

This fine-grain sand is combined with a binder to pack the molds. With increased CNC machines and industry-leading software, the possibilities for your prototypes are endless. Once the binder sets, the mold is assembled and then sent to the molding lines to be poured.

Advantages of Sand Casting

There are very few size limitations when it comes to using sand casting for your prototyping needs. Thicker walls are more achievable, allowing larger castings to be created.

Sand casting also achieves the best mechanical properties, with high tolerances and superior surface finishes. Sand casting allows us to produce many molds in a short time frame.

  • Use sand casting for efficient manufacturing needs
  • Make high-quality prototypes quicker than ever

Providing Quality Sand Castings to Many Industries

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