Sand casting allows us to produce very large parts for the automotive industries. Through these techniques we’re able to form complex parts that the market demands. Our automotive partners are constantly looking for ways to reduce the weight of their castings while keeping the same strength properties. Sand casting can achieve this and much more.


We work with a number of defense contractors to produce critical parts for their supply chain. Our precision and efficient processes allow us to manufacture components for these markets. Our experts are able to abide by exact standards to fully manufacture parts such as tanker pumps and various munitions, naval and missile components.


Our parts and products are able to stand up to extreme temperatures and corrosion often seen in the mining industries. The parts and products manufactured through our facility have excellent durability and wear-resistant properties. We’re committed to helping our customers in the mining industries constantly improve their operations.

Other Industries

Our processes allow us to create molds, parts and prototypes for a variety of end uses and industries. We have the ability to create products built exactly to your specs, no matter how detailed. We use state-of-the-art machines that allow us to achieve absolute precision. Our fast turnaround times can benefit a number of markets.

Providing Quality Sand Castings to Many Industries

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