Built to Last

We specialize in high-quality prototypes and semi-prototype castings. Our parts all come with material certifications to certify their metallurgical properties. Our machines are regularly inspected and calibrated to ensure they’re working at top efficiency and ability to be handled safely.

Our Process

The sand casting process is an intricate 5-step solution that takes skill and knowledge to properly execute. Trust in our process to complete your projects expertly and in a timely manner.

  1. Our experts will place your mold into the sand mixture. The size and shape of your casting depends on the mold used.
  2. From here, a gating system is set up. This includes pouring “gates” or tunnels into the mold to completely fill the mold’s cavity.
  3. The mold is then removed from the sand once the gating system is set up. At this point, the mold is no longer needed.
  4. Hot metal is then poured into the mold cavity. Sand casting can be used for steel, aluminum, zinc, iron and many other types of metals.
  5. Once the metal is cooled, the metal casting is ready to be removed from the mold and the mold is then discarded.

Providing Quality Sand Castings to Many Industries

For a detailed quote, please contact us today. Our experts look forward to speaking with you.